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Paving it Forward for ALL Women in ALL Stages of Their Foodservice Careers

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Our Vision

We envision an equity balanced Foodservice Industry where authentic, diverse, and talented women are empowered to drive their own career paths.

Our Mission

As an industry-wide, grassroots collective, we act as an incubator in connecting women and people marginalized due to gender, to resources and community, paving it forward for all women in all stages of their Foodservice careers.

Our Guiding Principles

We aim to disrupt the current cycle that prevails in our industry to drive equality as we recognize we are part of a system that wasn't designed with our success in mind. Our alliance is set on changing this culture with companies, associations and the industry as a whole.

We are unwaveringly committed to board and membership diversity recognizing the distinctly more difficult headwinds women of color face in our industry.

We are focused on empowering all women to gain autonomy over their own Foodservice career growth.

We are an inclusive environment where we can speak our own truths openly and be heard all while impacting each other's journeys through our authenticity.

'Paying it Forward' is our grassroots effort to match needs to resources and to aid in the process of personal & professional growth.

We are a community built with the understanding of the complexity intersectionality has in impacting women.

Never losing sight of our reason to be, our community is not and will not be, fee-based to participate.

Companies: Accelerate Your DEIB

Foodservice Women's Alliance

What it Means for Our Industry

Address and course correct the current state of divergent goals between women and Foodservice Companies to work together in achieving mutually beneficial outcomes.

  • Connect women to needed, well-established resources - autonomy over their success track.
  • Connect companies to resources and learning to power an environment where women can thrive and succeed.
  • A no-fee, no sponsorship based community where true disruption can occur without limitation.

What it Means for Companies

We aim to disarm the "why nots" in advancing DEIB efforts with companies in the Foodservice industry.


Making it safe, less daunting by addressing the unknowns and the knowns. We recognize every journey is different and must begin from where you (companies) are today.

We offer FWA Job Board access - finding and recruiting diverse Foodservice talent.

What it Means for Individuals

FWA was born out of necessity to fill a wide gender gap prevalent in Foodservice, exponentially so for women of color.


We match services to needs and aid in helping women in their "owned" path to advancement. A community where truths can be spoken out loud and a path to emotional healing can occur.

Job Board access when a "change" is the best next step.

Our Board

All FWA Board Members serve as volunteers

Headshot of Julie Swift

Julie Swift

FWA Founder & Chairwoman
Julie-Swift, LLC

Springfield, MO

Headshot of Crystal Duncan

Crystal Duncan

FWA Partnerships Lead
Catalina Finer Food LLC
Director, Foodservice Sales

Lawrenceville, GA

Headshot of Monica Johnson

Monica Johnson

FWA Co-Lead Networking &
Virtual Meetings
First Watch
Supply Chain Manager

Bradenton, FL

Headshot of Lynne Karo

Lynne Karo

FWA Board Member
Ocean Spray
National Account Manager

Hingham, MA

Headshot of Marlissa Montero

Marlisa Montero

FWA Co-Lead Networking &
Virtual Meetings
Account Executive

Folsom, CA

Headshot of Jen Roth

Jen Roth

FWA Fundraising &
Mentorship Lead
Roth Consulting
Strategic Sales Consultant

Austin, TX

Headshot of Stephanie Lind

Stephanie Lind

FWA Board Member
Elohi Strategic Advisors

Elgin, IL

Headshot of Kelly Silence

Kelly Silence

FWA Board Member
PepsiCo Foodservice
Regional Director

Bellvue, WA

Headshot of Kareema Goodwin

Kareema Goodwin

FWA Professional Development Lead
Tractor Beverage
Sr. VP, Nat. Account Sales

Chicago, IL

Headshot of Alison Sherberg

Alison Sherberg

FWA Board Member
Vital Farms
Sr. Regional Manager

Arvado, CO

Headshot of Alicia Paliuca

Alicia Paliuca

FWA Board Member
Sr. Director of Sales

Charlotte, NC

Headshot of Jeanette Gerger

Jeanette Gerger

FWA Board Member
Barilla for Professionals
Marketing Lead

Chicago, IL

Headshot of Cathy Nehl

Cathy Nehl

2023 FWA Board Alumni
Headshot of Ayyeshah Abuelhiga

Ayeshah Abuelhiga

2023 FWA Board Alumni

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a member of FWA?

You are part of collective to move Foodservice toward an equity-balanced industry. Some members will join us because they have a passion to bring this effort forward. Others will join because they want to be empowered to control their own career paths.

Can anyone join?

Yes. She/her, they/them, he/him are welcome to become members and/or allies. Although we are Foodservice Women's Alliance, we exist to provide support and resources to people who are marginalized due to gender.

How is FWA different than WFF, NextUp or other women-focused groups?

FWA does not aim to duplicate the resources available through these organizations, rather to act as an incubator in matching resources with needs in helping women gain autonomy over their foodservice career growth. There's no fee to participate.

There's no fee to be a member! What's the catch?

We know in order to truly impact change in our industry and place women in the driver's seat of their own career growth, we must align behind two distinct though complementary platforms:

  1. Providing a pathway to growth for all women in all stages of their foodservice careers with no strings attached (no fee)
  2. Work with Foodservice companies and associations to help move the industry forward as a whole.

What does the logo represent?

Our logo design holds great importance in our purpose. The colors in the design represent diverse skin tones along with emerald green, typifying growth in all aspects of life. The upward motion of the logo can be interpreted as paving stones aligned to our tagline - "Paving it Forward...". Throughout history stacked stones marking a trail for those who would follow holds particular significance for us.

How do you provide resources if there are no fees?

1:1 Support, referral fees for placements through our job board, fund-raisers and private (often anonymous) support of all kinds.

When are meetings?

Our meetings are held monthly for 30 minutes. We know your time is valuable. We promise to make the most of it. We are precision focused on making this a safe place to share, learn, connect to resources and grow.

Is FWA similar to an employee resource group for women?

Yes & no. We are focused industry-wide (versus company-wide) and are a grassroots collective (versus a corporate-led initiative). We are set on building an environment where women can share their truths (we go there!), live in their authenticity and experience a true sense of belonging - all while we work to make the industry a more inclusive and safe space for women.

Is FWA focused only on the Foodservice industry?

Yes. Our industry is well behind gender equality progress made in other areas. Our focus is both intentional and unyielding. Our goals are aggressive and equally matched by our passion to disrupt the status quo and influence change.

How can I help and/or get involved?

Align your passion to our purpose! We will gladly accept hand-raisers. Synergy is magnified by all of us pulling in the same direction with focus and intention.

Are we angry?

We've all been there and are of the mindset that we can't waste precious energy needed to progress this effort being mad. Our full, focused attention is on disrupting the current cycle in order to drive equality.

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